Rainy days are A-OK…

…if there is tennis on TV all day. I absolutely, positively LOVE watching tennis (and playing too, when I get the chance). I have pretty strong feelings about today’s Wimbledon matches too. Roger Federer is fantastic, yes, but I would just love if Andy Roddick could beat him! Of course then there’s the whole Andy Murray (Scotland) story, which was also touching.  I actually enjoy watching the French Open on clay even more than grass but I get a huge kick out of the ESPN segments entitled “if the grass could talk” and the closeups of blades of grass with dewdrops on them. Here’s a daring idea- there’s a $150 million retractable roof over center court- why not put it on overnight so that the grass doesn’t get wet and the players don’t slip? Maybe they do that, I don’t claim to know. Just seems like common sense to me.

     Anyway, plan for today is, boards studying day 1. It’s actually not day 1, I’ve been studying all summer, but this is the first full day of studying that I’ll put in. Prepared with hazelnut coffee (!) and glasses on.

   I also just realized that this weekend is the fourth of July?! How did that happen?? I guess that’s what happens when your grad program puts you in school year round; the time flies!!



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