Simmer, simmer

Ok ok ok, I know Andy Roddick is upset. He has good reason to be…90 minutes of pure stress, etc. I just watched his press conference where the insensitive reporters started in on him right away…One asked, “When do you think you’ll feel better about losing?”, and Andy replied, “I don’t know, I’m not a psychic I’m a tennis player”. Silence in the room…followed by, “At what point do you tell yourself it’s just a sporting event?” I don’t remember his reply to that question but my general reponse is…well, yea, it’s a sporting event, but it’s his JOB. So of course, if you lose, you’re going to be upset. Granted, maybe you could save the tinge of attitude for after the press conference, but, poor guy. I don’t condone giving attitude to the press, but it’s only a sporting event for us– for them, it’s their entire existence whittled down to one world televised match. Let’s turn this around from, “Doesn’t it stink that Federer beat you AGAIN” to, “Isn’t it great that it took him five sets and a ridiculously long last game to beat you?”…small consolation, I’m well aware.

Fireworks in Boston are spectacular…I’ve been going to them for five years…and I’d like to say that it’s one of the few times that the city unites. We also unite for BU v BC hockey games, Red Sox Yankees games (Yankees, baby), and Marathon Monday. Fireworks…everybody wins. (I know, that’s as profound as I get after everything I did this weekend ; ) )


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