Ginger cat

So, having a blog, I obviously read other blogs. There are many smart people out there….for those of you that have witty and interesting things to say every day (whereas my pearls of wittiness come only once every so often), I applaud you. However, there is an entirely different kind of blogging, called food blogging, that is beyond my scope of practice.

I’m not going to deny it, I read these food blogs often. What is it about them that’s so amusing? I DON’T KNOW. There’s something about the fact that hundreds of people get up every morning and take  pictures of their oatmeal and then upload them to their computers that kills me.  Then their friends write comments like, “Ohh!! Looks good!!.”  It’s such a raw form of expression. For the true food bloggers, even their food indiscretions go up…often followed by little blushing smiley face icons. “I ate two powerbars!! *blush*”. Weird, yet…ok, just weird. I just keep looking at them, though. Some days, they take closeups of their spoons before the first bite…these are “artistic” in the food blog world. I suppose I see the art in it…those that cook every single day (not me) are showing off their skillz.

Well, friends, let me enlighten you on my food for today! Let’s see if this is as exciting to write as everyone seems to think! I had  a greek yogurt this morning…I suppose I would have taken a picture of it if I were a food blogger. I think there was coffee involved in that endeavor as well…the bloggers list the things that they mix into their coffee, complete with careful measurements. Well, I tend to mix in aspartame (three packets of Sweet N’ Low) and some skim milk. Yep.  Then I ate lunch, I can’t even remember what it was. I don’t get too excited about it.

Then there were some almonds in class that I thought were regular almonds and turned out to be WASABI SPICY almonds, which my entire row was allowed to enjoy after they saw my face when I ate one. Our professor passed around a bucket of ginger cat cookies…which weirded me out big time. No, I did not have a ginger cat. Though come to think of it, ginger and wasabi would have made it a vaguely artificial sushi meal had they been ginger fish instead of ginger cats.

So there you have it…there was dinner in there somewhere too but since I’m already not cut out for food blogging  I suppose I’ll spare you the rest.

I’ll stick to uncategorized blogging, thank you.


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