Blog trends

So, this is funny but I just glanced at my readership stats. They give them to you in a line graph with a point for each day…I get super high hits on Mondays, a pretty good number on Wednesdays, and then a lot of people on Thursdays… (this is regardless of whether I announce my new post somewhere online or not).

What does this mean, people? Does everyone have a little Monday morning routine of reading blogs at work instead of working? (Of note- particularly high hits from 10-11am on Mondays)- is this when your first hit of Starbucks (sidenote: Starbucks clover coffee is a gift from God) starts to wear off?

 Do you then make up for it on Tuesdays by trying not to look at any extraneous websites (except for a handful of you)….and then get tempted again on Wednesdays? Then Thursdays you ALL check in one last time for the week (who ARE all of you??) and then fly through your work so quickly on Friday with visions of 5 o’clock margaritas (or in my case, let’s be honest, running trails) that you don’t stop to read blogs? Hmm.

Or, (least possible case scenario), do people read this once a week which means a lot more people look at my blog than I think? (I didn’t think so…)

It is absolutely gorgeous out right now and I refuse to write anymore on this post so that I can get outside.


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