US Open

 I changed the background theme of the blog was because I talk about tennis constantly and a yellowish green and white background kind of makes it look like a tennis blog… not that it would be bad, but I am not qualified to make any kind of official commentary on tennis. Not much to say on that front yet…Andy Roddick and the Williams sisters won in the first round? Shocker.  Off to run myself. My motivation is a half marathon this fall…anyone interested?

Also, reading along in the New York Times this morning, I may or may not have found a heated comment from my sister …She was commenting on freshman composition classes and how they’re usually not taught by qualified professors. Oh WR150, you were the joy of my undergrad. The professor that taught you was so thrilled to be there, Stanford degree in hand, sufficiently crushed ego after being assigned a freshman class, general air of annoyance. We talked about beautiful poetry while (no lie) my classmates passed around Adderall and Red Bulls to fuel them for their next class. I was somewhat petrified, my professor was somewhat disgusted. He left BU after that.


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