So as of today, I am conducting an experiment to see if a single person living in Boston/Brookline can spend less than $80/month on groceries. Can it be done?? I’ll keep you all updated weekly. This is not something that I have to do, but I would love to see if it’s possible. Even further, I want to do it healthfully- as in, PB+J or pasta 3x/day is not an option (mostly because I hate pasta), so we’ll see how it works out. I can leave a running tally for money spent with every post.  This will also include any money spent on coffee, convenience store items, etc. (this usually happens on campus…) I will not bore you with exactly what I’m eating although I am saving all of my receipts so that if it works I could recreate it. Also, I should note that I’m counting my spending until 10/7 so that I don’t miraculously skip a week of September and save money that way. The most interesting thing that I noticed today was that if you buy the large containers of Quaker quick oats (with 30 servings), it is $3.49 (so, $0.11 per serving), while if you buy the individual packets of Quaker low sugar oatmeal (10 packets per box), it’s $4.29 ($0.42 per serving), not to mention healthier because there’s no added sugar in the plain oats. Those of you that read this blog with jobs are laughing right now at my nitpickiness, but let me just throw out that “So in a year…” number that people love to use: $40.15 for 365 servings of oatmeal from the bulk container, or, $153.30 for 365 individual servings of oats. Oh, I should throw in that the individual packets would also add 4.8 pounds of sugar per year, if you get the low sugar 6g/packet kind instead of the regular 14g/packet kind.


Enough on that….ANDY MURRAY!! Keep going, keep going, keep going….Also, sorry to Maria Sharapova. Kind of.


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