First try:

I just made four dinners for the week, each one ringing in at $.99 exactly, and I’d like to proudly note that the recipe includes vegetables, protein (tofu), and carbohydrate (noodles). I did not count the spices I added because it’s a matter of a few cents and I had them on hand anyway. This can be done!!   I should also note that the tofu was $1.99/lb, but that chicken was on sale this week for $1.50/lb, so if you’re a tofu hater you could use chicken too. I chose not to because I didn’t have the time to cook all of the chicken, but this would have left the recipe at under $.80 per serving.


2 responses to “First try:

  1. ML

    Sounds like a good plan…is there room in the budget for wine???

  2. Yams

    So you inspired me to actually start cooking again. I had “Baked Honey Mustard Tofu with Mushrooms and Baby Spinach” (thank you for the recipe). I am now annoyed that your tofu was so much cheaper than mine. The “urban market” in my neighborhood charges $2.69 for a pound of extra-firm tofu!

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