So far so good…

$.42 lunch, $0.67 dinner (had dental work so today was kind of a cheater because I didn’t need to/couldn’t eat more than twice…but that’s real life, so I’m letting it roll on the blog…)   = $1.09 for today.

Yesterday was $0.42, $.67, $3.49= $4.38. Big spender, I know. In reality my little $3.49 choice might throw a wrench in things but we’ll see how it works out.

My revelation of the day, however- make your coffee and your food at home. I know that’s been said a thousand times but I worked with someone today who got her coffee out in the morning ($2.19), forgot her lunch at home…($5.79) and then had to get dinner on her way to some appt (I dont know but probably not less than $5). So that’s a $13 day! I’m just as much of a Starbucks lover as the rest of the world…so I’m thinking that the Starbucks coffee you can make at home is a good option. I’m going to try it out.

Yesterday I diagnosed a labral tear. By diagnosed I mean I told my preceptor that I thought it was probably a labral tear and then SHE diagnosed it after reading and confirming on the CT scan which I don’t know how to do yet, but, it was exciting. You can tear your labrum (in your hip socket, or rather, just outside of it) without knowing it, and it does not heal itself….people often mention a feeling of unsteadiness in their hip with a labral tear….among other things which aren’t worth getting into. If your doctor has ever mentioned that your are mildly dysplastic (as in, you have hip dysplasia), then you are at higher risk for a labral tear. It was a good day in the Joint Center.


Good night!


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