How to break your budget on a Friday night:

Without actually breaking it. Spend $9 on grilled cheese (calorie bomb) and $3 on a diet pepsi (seriously? seriously??)…

Then again, I could have gotten like, a $27 entree and two cocktails ($24 total) and spent $51 on dinner instead of $12.

My original plan was to stop and just get a little Starbucks coffee and revel in its warmth at the restaurant (its $1.39 warmth), but then my friends ordered food and I didnt want to be weird and anal so I just tried to do it carefully. In hindsight, now that the grilled cheese brick sits in my stomach and I am $12 poorer….if you can’t be weird and anal with your friends, then…

Alright so it’s safe to say that dinner ruined my $80 budget. I do hate to disappoint. However, I will continue to do this during the week and update on little money saving tips as I notice them. How can I make up for tonight’s spending? (Not that I really need to, but, theoretically…)- I could eat ramen all day tomorrow….if I wanted to die of hypertension or just carb overload.

I did notice that Brown Cow Greek Yogurt is especially good!! I highly recommend it. I actually eat it every morning for breakfast- the 0% kind, o’ course. You’re probably thinking- what? That’s $1.39 for breakfast…but it’s really NOT because each lid contains a “buy two get one free” coupon so it’s that much cheaper. Tricks of the cheap trade.


One response to “How to break your budget on a Friday night:

  1. ML

    I read this, and don’t know what to say. Should I send a CARE package????

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