I’ve been MIA…

…because I live at BC/clinic/the hospital…but I’m ok with that.

I’ve had some interesting encounters with patients lately…and also on the T, come to think of it (not with patients, just with the citizens of the world).  Yesterday as I stepped onto the train I realized that I had forgotten my iPod inside the hospital, but it was too late to go back. As luck would have it, I chose to sit next to a couple of very chatty gentlemen (can you call Red Sox fans gentlemen? Eternal questions that remain unanswered…) who proceeded with the whole, “Did you just get out of work/where do you work/where are you from/ what are you eating for dinner tonight” fiasco….at which point I would have absolutely loved my iPod but just texted every person I know on the way home so that I’d look too busy for more conversation.

How do other people deal with chatty strangers when you don’t have your protective weapons (iPod/headphones)?

Then today I was coming back from MGH, and there was a middle-aged couple on the T that seemed to like me for whatever reason, and I got a few little “Hello sweetie” type comments from them and they looked at me for the entire T ride. I DO NOT KNOW WHY. I’m going to start wearing dark makeup and hoods to creep people out so that they don’t want to chat with me.

In my next life I will be very “one love” and I’ll chat with everyone and make friends with waiters and people on the T and the people that make my coffee and I’ll marry a stranger I sat next to on a plane. As it is right now, I’d prefer not to register on their respective radars.

And, for my final somewhat overcritical comment of the day: fall has come, and thus, the population of the Northeast has more clothing to put on each day and thus more opportunity to make mistakes while doing so. On the list of rules: Do not wear a knee length sweater OVER your backpack, it just looks weird, and it will make everyone uncomfortable if you have to get something OUT of said backpack.

That is all.


One response to “I’ve been MIA…

  1. Mom

    In your next life you will be “One Love” and Maeve will be reticent..
    Have not chosen my personality for the next time around yet….

    any thoughts??

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