Connecticut in the fall…

is beautiful. (Note the intricate grammatical dance in that sentence).

This topic has been discussed many times by many people, but it just keeps coming up…very much like many people don’t want to pay extra money for there to be holes in their jeans, I’d like to know why Old Navy thinks I’d like to pay extra money to have an awkward splatter of paint on my jeans?

Granted, I understand the romance in a little bit if paint splatter, ok. It says, “I just came back from painting and whatever you’re saying is probably interrupting my creative genius”, except Old Navy’s version says, “I either just walked past someone painting their garage or I spilled flour on my jeans.” (

I have nothing against that store ( I guess I should note that since it’s a public site)- in fact I buy things from there on a regular basis. I’m also sure that Abercrombie and the other popular places for teens to buy jeans are doing the same thing…

I’ll personally volunteer to splatter paint on your jeans, if you’d like an original version by me.


One response to “Connecticut in the fall…

  1. shoe

    Haha… I completely agree. I prefer to buy my pants clean and let the melange of stains that naturally accumulate be a running history of how much of a slob I am, but that’s just me…

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