Church-like bells

In between classes today, the clock tower on BC’s campus rang for four p.m….it was the most unexpectedly profound moment. All of a sudden I looked up, looked around at the bustle of campus, and realized that I am SIX WEEKS away from being in my final semester of my graduate program. Maybe it was the churchbells, the autumn light, the eerily warm temperature,  I’m not sure…since childhood, churchbells have meant that it was a time for reflection. This is probably because we went to church fairly regularly as a family, and I was just impressionable enough to really really try to think every time I went to mass (I worried that I would go to hell if I didn’t pay attention and if I didn’t ACTUALLY pray when I was supposed to pray and was fairly convinced that Father McCarthy was looking at ME during his long silences, knowing that my attention had strayed for a moment)…so now for some reason whenever I hear churchbells, it’s a quick moment of reflection on the day, my interactions with people, and where I’m going. This may be the closest thing to a religious experience that I will have at BC in one of the craziest programs known to man, but, I’ll take it.



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