I should be stressed…

but I’m not. I have been wondering over the past few weeks why exactly I am not stressed about the end of this semester. I have papers due, tests, etc etc…these things all sent me into a whirling tizzy in college. Maybe the fact that I actually like doing this kind of work makes it seem less stressful and more like a learning experience…or maybe I manage my time better. Either way, I can actually enjoy the days leading up to the holidays and I didn’t feel a single pang of guilt for the number of hours that I wasn’t studying at home over Thanksgiving break.

Also, note to self, and the world: when you get new sneakers, don’t go on an insanely long joy run, your hamstrings will hate you the next day. Mapmyrun.com tells me I was closing in on 10 miles…which I haven’t done in quite a while. Apparently, you can’t just whip out ten miles without a little bit of pushback from your body. Oh well.

Back to doing some of the work that I have outlined in google tasks…..and then a nice, measured, reasonable workout on the elliptical, nearing nowhere close to 10 miles, thank you very much.



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