A few of my favorite things

As Christmas approaches, I was thinking of what I love MOST…

1) Seeing all of my family together! Typical I know, but this doesn’t happen very often. I am especially looking forward to this year, since my brothers and their significant others will be there…

2) Long workouts. Not news, but….they feel so much better over winter break when you don’t have to worry about being too tired to study afterwards.

3) Clean socks.

4) Finding someone the PERFECT present and watching them open it.

5) Watching little kids open presents because their reactions are always exaggerated.

6) Christmas Mass. If I could, I’d go to Midnight Mass, the early mass without music, and then the late mass WITH music….and frankly probably a Latin mass too.

7) Freezing cold runs.

8) A Charlie Brown Christmas.

9) The Hallejuhah Chorus

10) The Sufjan Stevens Christmas Album.

11) Lo How a Rose E’er blooming.


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