I don’t get the chance to post two days in a row very often…but when one is on vacation, I guess that lends more time.

I was at my old gym today- the one I used in high school (not the one I used on all of my college breaks), and it was a really cool experience to be on the same old elliptical, thinking about everything that has happened since high school. College (Holy Cross–>BU, a better choice has never been made)…boyfriends…jobs…new friends, reconnections with old friends, grad school…the realization that grad school is not like college (booo)….but is more interesting (yay). I saw my old middle school cross-country coach doing his same old workout on the recumbent bike and felt a warm sense of continuity in life.

 I went in the same old steam room and sauna that my friends and I used to use after our yoga classes and felt calm and happy because I am still in good touch with a few of them, which is more than many can say. That calm also may have been the overwhelming heat of the sauna, but, so be it.

I don’t run quite as much now that I work in the Joint Center clinic and see all of the hip problems come and go, but I have a special relationship with the elliptical and I’m fairly certain we will be friends for life 😉

Hopefully will see my best friend from high school tonight or tomorrow…we’ve been playing phone-tag. She’s a great person though and refers a lot of her aspiring NP friends to me, which I consider a compliment…she also shares my “I should probably go to med school” teen angst version age 24….but then we both slap ourselves and come to our senses.

That’s all for now. More zen to come…


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