Requisite resolution post

Actually I didn’t make any New Year’s resolutions. I worked pretty hard last year and I suppose my resolution is to continue on with that this year…

A quick re-cap of 2009:

I began my second semester of my NP progam!

Ended a relationship, but saw a baby born on the same day and decided to get zen about it and make it a new beginning!

One of my brothers moved to Ohio

Studied for the boards like a maniac

Got my RN license!

My brother got married

Began my second year of my NP program

Met someone much better suited to me, through friends!

My little sister started applying for  jobs

My mother sold her house!

I survived through my second to last round of final exams EVER and so did my sister (her last round of college final exams)

Our family spent Christmas Day at my newlywed brother’s house…making new traditions!

So, looking back on all of that, it was a busy year (I didn’t even try to add in all of the mini trips and high points of the year because I can’t even remember all of them…)

Some of them including the various trips to the Cape, New York, Pennsylvania, New York again x 4, etc etc…which were all fun, of course.

Today we’re going to one of my favorite stores in CT, the Christmas Tree shops, where I will buy $2 picture frames and various other things I don’t need.


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