A new year, a new budget

I have decided to re-try the whole budget experiment with a slightly more realistic prospect. Instead of $80 a month on food, I’m saying $200 a month on EVERYTHING. Therefore, if I need soap, it comes out of that $200 just like a t-shirt, cup of coffee, or trip to the movies would. That way I can be a little more fluid about how I spend it but not overspend.

Therefore, I realized that if you make your own sandwich, it costs $0.68. In my case, my mom sent me back with sandwich thins, so it actually cost $0.36 for the cheese. I can eat oatmeal at a very low cost (I forget how much per packet but will post later), and dinner will be $2. So, the day can happen for <$4. If I cook some dinners, I can spend $80 on extraneous things this month, since generally cooking dinner makes it <$2. We shall see!

I think it’s always good to be wary of spending but not obsessive…so if I go over budget, nothing will happen, but I’d like to evaluate where it’s going the most. I was told by one of my wiser friends that “that’s what mint.com and Quicken are for”, but, I want to see every single detail and I get some kind of weird joy out of doing it myself.

What will your new year/new budget me? What would you like to change about your spending?


One response to “A new year, a new budget

  1. Shoe

    I like the plan. And, I agree, there’s definitely something satifying about adding stuff up by hand and accounting it yourself. For one thing, you can sub-itemize and split transactions more easily. For another, it really, really forces you to look at it as opposed to doing occasional metric collection like your wise (and lazy) friend likely does.

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