Week total = <$20 (prob actually ,$15)

A beautiful day for a run, I think. If I lived on a beach, I would run on the beach today. As it stands, I will run in cute little Brookline, ok with me.

I watched a film yesterday called “Wild Strawberries” about this old Swedish physician…in the first few lines of the film, he said something like (I can’t remember the actual quote), “Humans spend 80% of their time talking about their personal habits and what they do, and this tires me”. That one was interesting. It’s true, though. There’s some other quote (which I with butcher) that goes something like, “Smart people talk about ideas, moderately smart people talk about other people, and idiots talk about themselves”…actually I think I made the quote a lot harsher than it was supposed to be.

Bon weekend


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