A lot to say

Ok, number one, I love being comfortable. I love being comfortable so much that once I have my sweatpants or fleece pants on, you probably have to wrangle me out of them to get me to put on real clothes. I haven’t ever crossed the threshhold of wearing clothes like that to class, but if I could still look presentable and do that, believe me I would.

However, I DO recognize that life is essentially an opportunity to look presentable or…not. Today I went to the mall (GASP, I prefer outdoor shopping to malls but cold temps will do that to ya)…and I looked at many kinds of clothing in hopes of finding things to wear to clinic (read= what everyone else would call work clothes). Anyway, a few things that are NOT OK– I’d like to strangle this season’s chain clothing stores’ designers…what were they thinking?? And if any of them would like to hire me, I have some visions of what a better season would have been.

1) NAUTICAL PRINTS FOR SPRING? No one has EVER thought of that before. WOW.

2) Camouflage didnt work in the early-mid nineties…and it still doesn’t. Dear GAP, please take the camo off of your shelves, it’s making me ill.

3) I’d like to think that dressing for work requires more than kind of loose pants and tiny cardigans. The day that this is my daily uniform, you can assume I probably abhor my life.

4) Dear J.Crew…I like your shorts and tights idea, but, that doesn’t take away the fact that it’s cold, and if I’m wearing tights, I’m probably going to wear a skirt with them, because this is a natural progression. However, if you want us to do the whole shorts and tights thing, at least make the shorts tweed and NOT KHAKI so that we don’t just look confused and it actually looks like an outfit

5) Texture is not something people should be afraid of. Mixing textures creates a good outfit….if the colors work.

6) Shapeless is never ok. Someone please get the hint.

7) I am all about the new dresses that have menswear tie prints on them…cool idea. If they could make like a satin halter top that looked like a tie or even some headbands that looked like ties, I swear they’d be super popular.

8) What happened to wrap things? Sheers? Good fabrics? Embroidery? Why is everything BORING right now?

I recognize that this isn’t the prime time of year to shop, it’s the leftover “junk from Christmas” as my wiser friend informed me…but come on…


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