Sorry to bore you all, but…

…here’s the pathophysiology of hepatitis. I feel compelled to type it so that I can just LEARN hepatitis for this upcoming test.

The HV (hepatitis virus) can only replicate in liver cells. The HV DNA is replicated within the liver, killing the healthy liver cells. The body attacks HV with antibodies (Ab). The liver cells will regenerate and resume function if the virus is caught in time and if there are no complications. Serum HVAbs either indicate positive infection or positive immunity. If hepatocytes fail to regenerate, cirrhosis develops where scar tissue takes over living tissue.

And…to relate this all to the heart…cardiac causes of hepatitis include chronic right sided heart failure, where the portal pressure is consistently elevated and the circulation is not reaching the liver effectively. Increased pressure is caused by cirrhosis scars and nodules blocking the blood flow. Veins swell and new ones grow to bypass blockage (varices).

Exciting! I know!


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