Day 2 of Lent, Day 2 of project 365


In thinking it over a little, I decided that giving up chocolate is not exactly the most meaningful thing I could do for Lent since I’ve done it successfully basically every year since I can remember. The idea is to give up something that you normally have quite often or in excess so that you suffer a little, or to do something proactive (like attending Mass more often, fasting on Thursdays, etc) that would take some effort. So, I think doing something extra rather than taking something away is actually more effort for me.

Day 2 of Project 365 is not a photo I took (one of my own to follow later, to keep it fair), but is representative of going to Florida in May. I am excited.


2 responses to “Day 2 of Lent, Day 2 of project 365

  1. Shoe

    You could give up the gym, if you want something that’ll be more impactful on your life =}

  2. ldrunner85

    You dont want to know me when I dont work out. Night and day.

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