Jellyfish on a long run


I woke up to a beautiful Boston day; perfect temperature, no humidity, clear blue summer sky!

This inspired me to do a quick yoga video from OnDemand’s exercise channel…let’s just say that if you don’t do yoga for two years, you’re starting from scratch. I don’t have nearly as much flexibility as I did back when I took yoga classes several times a week! I’d like to regain some of that core strength.

Then, I had one of those runs where it feels like you will never stop and never get tired…I love being able to run up and down the docks of the Navy Yard and look at the jellyfish and the tall ships that some people travel for hours to see. I ran for about half an hour then did about an hour on the elliptical followed by some core conditioning with light weights and the balance ball.

Of course, my long run may have been sparked by consumption of Cupcake Vineyards wine (VERY VERY GOOD, would love to try another variety but I have only been able to get the Chardonnay and the Cabernet Sauvignon) and various other goodies at a party we threw on Saturday. Now I feel refreshed and back in balance.

Over the weekend, several of my friends from college were visiting and we went to the CUTEST store on Beacon Hill, called Flat of the Hill (! We were on our way to the beach  so I didn’t have my shopping shoes on, but I’d like to go back and look at some of their jewelry again. They had beautiful bags and accessories too!

Overall, a good weekend, and I’m really enjoying having Monday off!!


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