Energy percolating

Though there is a massive (MASSIVE) snowstorm going on right now, I can’t help but be excited for the spring and things to come. I do like the snow. I get a little tired of people saying “NO more snow”, and “When will it stop?”. Here’s my answer to all of the people, collectively, that have been invading my ears with comments like this since oh, say, January:(Did they really think the snow would stop in January?) You live in New England. New England is a beautiful, unpredictable place. Roll with it, or get out of town.

If they were anything like me, they’d value the huge swings in temperature as opportunities to wear two season’s worth of clothes at once 🙂

To celebrate the impending snow last night, we cracked open this:

Thoughts on this: For $11, not bad. So, we’re kind of nerds. We opened the bottle, wrote down our notes on it, and then compared our notes to the ones we found on the wine in different sources.

Our notes: Cherry, light, very alcoholic, dark currant, strawberry, plum

Other notes: Cherry, cranberry, licorice, light, very alcoholic, good with chorizo.

Hey….we’re getting good at this! I have to say I got nothing on the licorice but Shoe swears he did and you don’t disagree with an Indian’s palate 🙂


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