A couple of weekends of fun!

What an exciting title. Really, though, let’s discuss. I have come into several situations at work where I am asked to review someone else’s mistakes and correct them. By several situations, I mean daily situations. This particular person is of the same rank as I am (with years of experiencing equaling oh, say, my AGE) and consistently makes poor decisions. I could not help but react and feel frustrated that these things were not taken care of….as I write that I realize I’m saying “I can’t help reacting” which is entirely untrue, I CAN help reacting, but I feel entitled to react, I suppose. I was then told that reacting to these mistakes was “unprofessional”. Mind you, I have never met this person, and in my particular line of work (medicine), mistakes=malpractice suit.
Have you ever come into a situation like that at work? How did you manage it better?
Meanwhile, back in the non-medical world, things are great. Two weekends ago, we had a great trip to Nantucket for the Nantucket Wine Festival. This was an amazing event!! I highly recommend it to anyone who might like to learn about wine, is a wine connoisseur, or just loves great food (plenty of that there too…did I say foie gras table??)

So those are some shots from the Nantucket Wine Festival and Nantucket in general. What a charming place!! We just loved it there.

The weekend after that, we went to Philadelphia and Glendolden, PA (where my boyfriend’s family is from) to see them. During our stay we went to Valley Forge!! We took one of Shoe’s friends on our little excursion to Valley Forge…I let the guys do their mantalking while I went for a little run đŸ™‚ Next post will include picture of the Washington Memorial Church, where I took a little breather and wandered around for fun. I love running as a tourist! I like to run wherever we go…I find that I get cool information and stay fit at the same time!!

More to come…lots of fun things planned for this weekend!!


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