Summery Night

So, our plans changed a little this weekend because of the virus that seems to have taken over Shoe’s body. Frank (the kitten) also seems to have taken a cue from Shoe and slept most of the day as well (on my foot). Shoe doesn’t normally get sick, so when he didn’t get out of bed until almost 5:30 pm today, I knew it was the real deal. I checked his temp around 11am today and it was 101…whew!

Needless to say, our original plans to visit a friend in NYC were cancelled. We were going to an art show in Brooklyn and then I was going to run a road race with her tomorrow morning (Girls On the Run, a great organization) but I had to cancel and stay with my patient! We hope to do a weekend in NYC soon though…maybe in about two weeks.

Instead, I hung around today and got some reading done (Introduction to the Devout Life by St. Francis De Sales…very interesting. He writes so that the average person living in society can make reasonable changes and become closer to God rather than removing themselves from society…I think this is amazingly helpful). I also went to the gym and did about 30 minutes on the elliptical and some light weight training…and picked up some ice cream and soup for the patient on the way home.

Confession: I HATE ICE CREAM. I just do. It’s weird, I know. Most cookies and other sweets are things that I like to keep out of the house but having gallons of ice cream hanging around doesn’t phase me because I know I won’t go digging around for them when I’m hungry.

I also stopped by Marshalls (we always pronounce it MarSHALLs with a French accent) because it is right next to my gym, dangerously. I found a nice summery quilt and some new sheets to brighten up the bedroom.



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