Things I’m excited for!

It’s one of those summer nights that is just the right temperature and everything seems PERFECT and all I can do is be ecstatically excited about the good things coming up. Before the list of wonderful things to come, I have to comment on my new gym trial membership. I got a 30 days for $30 deal at Boston Sports Clubs, but I paid a little extra for the passport pass which basically lets you go to any BSC or affiliated gym. I drove over to a BSC a little further than my usual one in hopes of catching a Body Pump class (but got a little lost on the way and was too late to go…oops)- so I hopped on the treadmill for 15 minutes of intervals and then the elliptical for a while. It was like the Gods were in my favor- the newest Marie Clare was sitting on the windowsill next to my machine (score), I got the CORNER machine by the floor to ceiling windows (I mean…who really wants to work out in between two other people) and the sunset was facing me. So I watched the sunset from the elliptical. You know, totally gorgeous, no big deal. I decided that our next home must have one room of floor to ceiling windows.

Anyway, moving right along.

I am SO excited to go to Napa this year!!! We go with two other couples and it’s also 3 of our birthdays so it was such a fun time last year, we’re looking to even amp it up some more this go round.

We’re staying at a new location from last year, AVIA Napa. We stayed at a very cute little hotel last year called MacArthur Place, which was just amazing, but a little out of the way.

THIS year we’re in the heart of downtown Napa at Avia Napa, which I am SO EXCITED for because of this:


That’s right. A firepit. At the hotel.

The OTHER thing I am super excited for is going to India to visit my sister again! We’re going to hit up some of the ancient temples this year and go to Rajasthan, which is supposed to be an amazing sight. Here’s a few photos from last year’s trip.

In Bombay

Seester in GOA

Me in Goa…where I made Maeve take a tour of all of the Portuguese churches (Goa was invaded by the Portuguese and has many European influences as you can see in the picture above)…because I LOVE touring churches. Seriously. I would go and walk around just about any church. I feel as though they’re like man’s masterpieces all over the world. Anyway tangent over, I’m very excited to be doing this again this year.

I am now off to search around online for some cool outfits I found in Marie Clare to buy  just to look at.


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