Review: Menton!

So HTB (husband to be) had a hard couple of weeks after Labor Day weekend…he worked many, many 16+ hour days and it finally culminated in a hugely successful meeting on Thursday evening.

Immediately, I considered making dinner for him…but then realized…we can pay people to do that. So we did. At Menton Boston. Amazing.

Now, preface this by saying that we ate dinner at Meadowood in Napa Valley over labor day weekend, which was a great experience. We did the chef’s tasting with a wine pairing and it was very elaborate, etc. Here’s the part where I’m going to sound like a major snob but I SWEAR I’m not it’s just an observation…the courses at Meadowood seemed more focused on molecular gastronomy than on taste/feeling good. Each course made me think “wow, I wonder how he accomplished this” but I didn’t think “Gosh I wish I had a whole plate of this”.

Menton, however, was a totally different story. First, we were greeted in the lobby and led to an amazing lounge area with comfortable couches instead of a bar. Drinks were semi table service (couch service, really) and then they surprised us with two amuse bouches. (Also should note that we sat next to PETER FONDA in the lounge. NO BIG DEAL. HE SAID HI TO ME.)

Each course was fantastic, imaginative, and delicious. Pairings were fantastic.

Menton’s service was impeccable…we did notice that the servers all seemed a little bit nervous but this did not affect their performance in the slightest (we were lulled by the incredible service at Meadowood and the synchronized shaking of cocktails, etc).  However, attention to detail was paid…and we enjoyed the music (modern, young) playing in the background rather than the silence at Meadowood. In short, we felt comfortable at Menton for a random Thursday night while Meadowood felt like you were eating in your grandpa’s country club.

THEN CAME THE CHEESE CART. So that happened. It was wonderful.

Desserts were varied and plentiful and cute (tiny pinkynail sized macaroons in a rainbow of colors? OK!)


One response to “Review: Menton!

  1. Shoe

    Concur heartily, it was a great place. Easily in the top three restaurants I’ve been to in my life. Cracked me up that the servers had no clue who Peter Fonda was, though.

    And wow do I look shaggy in that picture…

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