Bengali Wedding!

Today I went wedding dress shopping with my two good friends from college, Jami and Brittany. We went to a discounted designer gown store in Boston which was a very different experience than your typical gown salon.
Here is one of the NOs from today…not that it’s that bad, but that the bottom explodes just when you think the dress is perfect! Ignore my silly face in the picture…I was laughing

Anyway, it was fun and then we ventured to Target to spend money we didn’t mean to spend…I mean– do errands.
The fun thing about wedding dress shopping is that I also know I get to wear a totally bling saree with beads and embroidery and tons of jewelry, so I’ll feel like a princess on TWO days, which is fun. I should look something like this:

source: (

I love the idea of all of the beads around my face! It’s so different than the weddings I’ve been to. We’re doing both, so I’m certainly not disparaging normal weddings, but it’s definitely fun to have new things to consider.



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