Lovely Sunday

Today started by carbo loading for my long run…
With red velvet pancakes!!

They were delicious. A buy from Target, actually. Definitely not healthy or low calorie, but I was going out for a very long run today so a few red velvet pancakes loaded with carbohydrates were exactly what I needed.

I covered 9.5 miles at sub 9:00/mile pace, so I was happy with that. I ran from my home along the esplanade of the Charles River and up to almost Harvard, then back, and repeated half of that again. So nice to run on a lovely Sunday!
I actually listened to this Vedic chant CD that I downloaded from iTunes that is intended to improve memory and intellect…I don’t know about that, but it definitely helped me focus during my runs. Sometimes when I’m listening to more contemporary stuff I spend more time flipping around my songs that I do concentrating on my pace and power. This was a really good change and I’ll definitely use the CD for long runs again.
Now I just popped some Motrin (my hips are burning!) and am snuggled up on the couch with THESE guys:


0 responses to “Lovely Sunday

  1. A) I want those pancakes ASAP. And to lick the frosting bowl.
    B) Which vedic chant? I’m intrigued…

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