I am thankful for my husband to be.

I have an  irrational fear of monotony, yet I trend towards predictability. My husband to be (HTB) does not. He has an endless river of ideas, opinions, commentary, and out of the box thinking that makes me feel at ease. I am thankful that he listens to me go on about whatever I go on about…yet he continues to offer so much to the world; his brain is like a boiling pot of water, constantly moving and warm and changing. I am thankful that for some reason, he doesn’t mind that I go on about the same mindless drivel (work…working out…other people…our cats) and never seems to notice that his responses are so much more elegantly thought out than mine. I find comfort in the fact that in his family the dinner table is a rich conversation jumping from Mesopotamia to Jordan to Egypt to Rome, analyzing our places in this world and how they came to be. Not once does his family talk about diets or sports or the Kardashians. Not once have material goods been noted as important. Not a single judgment has passed their dining room table, just intelligent conversation. I am thankful for the rich fabric of his brain, the unpredictability of his responses.

People probably will never know how different our day to day conversation is, but it doesn’t matter. I am grateful that I don’t sit and watch How I Met Your Mother with him. I am grateful that I will never put on a football jersey to appease him. I am grateful that he values education as much as I do. I am eternally grateful for our quiet bubbling stream of conversation from couch to couch, holding our iPads, laughing every once in a while.


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