A post for the ages

This year I am not making resolutions. The word resolution smacks of commercial profit; Target puts “alli” and exercise clothing ads on their homepage, gyms email promotions daily, magazines scream “New Year, New You!” in whatever typeface will look as different as possible from last year’s identical headline. People resolve to exercise more, save more, do more, relax more…people want MORE. At least, the media is telling us to resolve for “more”, whatever that means, so every year, we do.

I want 2012 to be the year of less. Less shopping. Less talking. Less traveling. Less eating out. Less drinking. Less wishing, more (there’s that word again, can’t get away from it!) doing. 2012 will be the year of spiritual and intellectual fulfillment and resistance to vices. Since “more” can’t be avoided:

More reading of literature, less reading of blogs.

I will learn something new pertaining to my job (medicine) every day.

More churchgoing, less sleeping in.

I will find a job that is in line with my ethics, even if it means I have to work longer hours and work harder during those hours.

I will gain inspiration from leaders of our past rather than those tainted by the values of today.

I will return to my high school self; my inquisitive, well-read, Montaigne and Thomas Mann quoting materialism hating self.

My runs will last until my thoughts are organized, not until I have hit my desired mileage. Whichever comes first.

I will work hard to decrease the number of items I own ((and keep it that way). Read: we will not register for our wedding.

I will hike more and elliptical less.

The year of less will end up being the year of more; of this I am certain.


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