Longwood Gardens

We took a fun trip to Longwood Gardens during our visit with my fiance’s family in PA.

Wouldn’t this be a magical place for a winter wedding!! It was totally beautiful. They decorate for Christmas both inside the conservatory and outside in the park…the building include DuPont’s old mansion and various other buildings on the grounds of his estate, which they COVER in lights. There was even a fountain light show synchronized to classical holiday music. It was a really special night!

I especially liked this experience because it wasn’t cheesy and it really embraced Christmas of today. Sometimes in the old Christmas Villages I feel as though we’re trying to hang on to the past so hard that we can’t enjoy Christmas of today- but Longwood Gardens had a fresh, current feel to it without being too trendy. Flowers and greenery really make the difference for me.



Re-post: For your enjoyment and to bolster your confidence in medicine

This was inspired by this article: http://fish.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/11/16/words-you-hate-to-hear/?hp

Anyway, here it isL

1) “Tell me a little bit more about that…”- because I’m secretly considering a psych consult for you.

2) “Hmmm”-  feel free to spend and call your exes with reckless abandon, you’re going down.

3) “….oh”- you just grossed me out enough to warrant a pause for me to try to maintain composure.

4) “…and nobody wants that”- actually, YOU probably don’t want that, and I don’t want it because it’s going to mean a ton of work from me.

5) During a procedure: “hmmm” (again)….but in this case it means, “What the heck is that”

6) “Now what is most important to you in this visit?”- because you’re babbling on and on about things that have absolutely nothing to do with your chief complaint….but thanks for the wine recommendation.

7) “It’s not an ‘if’ it’s a ‘when’”- yea, you’re going down.

8)”Let’s just do a quick test for it; I don’t think it’s that but I want to make sure”- actually I’m just nervous enough to think that it IS that, and I’m getting this test to cover my butt.

9) “Thanks for coming in today”- and let’s do this again no sooner than 365 days from now!

Food for thought on this Thanksgiving evening…

“Today, a particularly insidious obstacle to the task of education is the massive presence in our society and culture of that relativism which, recognising nothing as definitive, leaves as the ultimate criterion only the self with its desires. And under the semblance of freedom it becomes a prison for each one, for it separates people from one another, locking each person into his or her own ego.” -Pope Benedict XVI

(Address of His Holiness Benedict XVI to the participants in the Ecclesial Diocesan Convention of Rome” 6 June 2005  Retrieved from Wikipedia page: Pope Benedict XVI)

I am thankful for my husband to be.

I have an  irrational fear of monotony, yet I trend towards predictability. My husband to be (HTB) does not. He has an endless river of ideas, opinions, commentary, and out of the box thinking that makes me feel at ease. I am thankful that he listens to me go on about whatever I go on about…yet he continues to offer so much to the world; his brain is like a boiling pot of water, constantly moving and warm and changing. I am thankful that for some reason, he doesn’t mind that I go on about the same mindless drivel (work…working out…other people…our cats) and never seems to notice that his responses are so much more elegantly thought out than mine. I find comfort in the fact that in his family the dinner table is a rich conversation jumping from Mesopotamia to Jordan to Egypt to Rome, analyzing our places in this world and how they came to be. Not once does his family talk about diets or sports or the Kardashians. Not once have material goods been noted as important. Not a single judgment has passed their dining room table, just intelligent conversation. I am thankful for the rich fabric of his brain, the unpredictability of his responses.

People probably will never know how different our day to day conversation is, but it doesn’t matter. I am grateful that I don’t sit and watch How I Met Your Mother with him. I am grateful that I will never put on a football jersey to appease him. I am grateful that he values education as much as I do. I am eternally grateful for our quiet bubbling stream of conversation from couch to couch, holding our iPads, laughing every once in a while.

Lovely Sunday

Today started by carbo loading for my long run…
With red velvet pancakes!!

They were delicious. A buy from Target, actually. Definitely not healthy or low calorie, but I was going out for a very long run today so a few red velvet pancakes loaded with carbohydrates were exactly what I needed.

I covered 9.5 miles at sub 9:00/mile pace, so I was happy with that. I ran from my home along the esplanade of the Charles River and up to almost Harvard, then back, and repeated half of that again. So nice to run on a lovely Sunday!
I actually listened to this Vedic chant CD that I downloaded from iTunes that is intended to improve memory and intellect…I don’t know about that, but it definitely helped me focus during my runs. Sometimes when I’m listening to more contemporary stuff I spend more time flipping around my songs that I do concentrating on my pace and power. This was a really good change and I’ll definitely use the CD for long runs again.
Now I just popped some Motrin (my hips are burning!) and am snuggled up on the couch with THESE guys:

Bengali Wedding!

Today I went wedding dress shopping with my two good friends from college, Jami and Brittany. We went to a discounted designer gown store in Boston which was a very different experience than your typical gown salon.
Here is one of the NOs from today…not that it’s that bad, but that the bottom explodes just when you think the dress is perfect! Ignore my silly face in the picture…I was laughing

Anyway, it was fun and then we ventured to Target to spend money we didn’t mean to spend…I mean– do errands.
The fun thing about wedding dress shopping is that I also know I get to wear a totally bling saree with beads and embroidery and tons of jewelry, so I’ll feel like a princess on TWO days, which is fun. I should look something like this:

source: (http://sareedreams.com/category/bridal-saree/page/21/)

I love the idea of all of the beads around my face! It’s so different than the weddings I’ve been to. We’re doing both, so I’m certainly not disparaging normal weddings, but it’s definitely fun to have new things to consider.


Review: Menton!

So HTB (husband to be) had a hard couple of weeks after Labor Day weekend…he worked many, many 16+ hour days and it finally culminated in a hugely successful meeting on Thursday evening.

Immediately, I considered making dinner for him…but then realized…we can pay people to do that. So we did. At Menton Boston. Amazing.

Now, preface this by saying that we ate dinner at Meadowood in Napa Valley over labor day weekend, which was a great experience. We did the chef’s tasting with a wine pairing and it was very elaborate, etc. Here’s the part where I’m going to sound like a major snob but I SWEAR I’m not it’s just an observation…the courses at Meadowood seemed more focused on molecular gastronomy than on taste/feeling good. Each course made me think “wow, I wonder how he accomplished this” but I didn’t think “Gosh I wish I had a whole plate of this”.

Menton, however, was a totally different story. First, we were greeted in the lobby and led to an amazing lounge area with comfortable couches instead of a bar. Drinks were semi table service (couch service, really) and then they surprised us with two amuse bouches. (Also should note that we sat next to PETER FONDA in the lounge. NO BIG DEAL. HE SAID HI TO ME.)

Each course was fantastic, imaginative, and delicious. Pairings were fantastic.

Menton’s service was impeccable…we did notice that the servers all seemed a little bit nervous but this did not affect their performance in the slightest (we were lulled by the incredible service at Meadowood and the synchronized shaking of cocktails, etc).  However, attention to detail was paid…and we enjoyed the music (modern, young) playing in the background rather than the silence at Meadowood. In short, we felt comfortable at Menton for a random Thursday night while Meadowood felt like you were eating in your grandpa’s country club.

THEN CAME THE CHEESE CART. So that happened. It was wonderful.

Desserts were varied and plentiful and cute (tiny pinkynail sized macaroons in a rainbow of colors? OK!)